Movie Review: Inception

Inception (the trailer is above) is one of those movies that most people will either love or hate.  I found the concept of the movie as riveting as other cult classics of this genre, particularly the Matrix.  The movie contains all the basics of a contemporary action movie as an entertaining complement to the mind warp.

Without delving into the minutiae of the entire story, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his other stylish cohorts, are hired to perform a new form of espionage that is so invasive that the very idea can make you shiver.  Ultimately, these characters infiltrate the minds of other men to steal their ideas through a multi-layered world of dreaming, consciousness, and reality.

We learn that Cobb is hired to take on a risky new project by a billionaire which entails the opposite.  He is to supplant an idea in a rivals dream that ultimately changes his reality; hence, the title of the movie derives its meaning.  And he is to do it so well that he ultimately shakes the reality of this rival despite the rivals training to counter such an invasive mind warping technique.

It sounds bizarre, but the details are put together in a relatively coherent fashion throughout the movie; although, I was left questioning some of the intricacies of how this dream invading system supposedly operates.

It’s hard to ignore this film in our increasingly technologically based world.  Though purposely confusing at times, the films ultimate purpose is to leave you with a burning desire to know the answer to one of life’s most fundamental questions:  What is reality?


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